When it comes to chocolate coatings & moldings?
Cara is your friend!

Founded in 1988, CARA is a Belgian-based chocolate processing company. Our company started as a manufacturer for sugarcoating but our remarkable growth and organization has allowed us to develop a complete range of chocolate coatings and mouldings.

  • We do standard coatings but take special orders as well.
  • Our production adheres to strict guidelines, including metal detection, traceability, and EU food labels.

  • We hold a BRC certification.
  • Our coating and moulding departments are nut free.

At CARA we always strive for innovation, whether in the production of chocolate coatings and mouldings or in partnering with small-to-medium sized businesses to create new expansions.
Fruit; chocolates; cookies; crispies; if you can eat it, we’ll find a way to coat it!

Contact us!

St. Lenaartseweg 50

B-2320 Hoogstraten

+32 3 314 37 78